Senate Republicans announce 2011-12 committee assignments

The Senate Republican Caucus today announced its committee assignments for the 2011 and 2012 legislative sessions, including ranking (lead) Republicans on the state Senate committees. They will be:

Agriculture and Rural Economic Development Ranking:  Sen. Jerome Delvin
Other members:  Sens. Mark Schoesler, Jim Honeyford and Randi Becker

Early Learning and K-12 Education Ranking:  Sen. Steve Litzow
Other members:  Sens. Curtis King and Andy Hill

Economic Development, Trade and Innovation Ranking:  Sen. Michael Baumgartner
Other members:  Sens. Joseph Zarelli, Janéa Holmquist Newbry and Don Benton

Environment, Water and Energy Ranking:  Sen. Jim Honeyford
Other members:  Sens. Janéa Holmquist Newbry, Jerome Delvin and Bob Morton

Financial Institutions, Housing and Insurance Ranking:  Sen. Don Benton
Other members:  Sens. Joe Fain and Steve Litzow

Government Operations, Tribal Relations and Elections Ranking:  Sen. Dan Swecker
Other members:  Sens. Pam Roach and Bob McCaslin

Health and Long-Term Care Ranking:  Sen. Randi Becker
Other members:  Sens. Linda Evans Parlette, Cheryl Pflug and Mike Carrell

Higher Education and Workforce Development Ranking:  Sen. Andy Hill
Other members:  Sens. Randi Becker, Michael Baumgartner and Doug Ericksen

Human Services and Corrections Ranking:  Sen. Val Stevens
Other members:  Sens. Mike Carrell and Doug Ericksen

Judiciary Ranking:  Sen. Cheryl Pflug
Other members:  Sens. Mike Carrell, Bob McCaslin and Pam Roach

Labor, Commerce and Consumer Protection Ranking:  Sen. Janéa Holmquist Newbry
Other members:  Sens. Curtis King and Mike Hewitt

Natural Resources and Marine Waters Ranking:  Sen. Bob Morton
Other members:  Sens. Val Stevens and Dan Swecker

Rules Ranking:  Sen. Mike Hewitt
Other members:  Sens. Curtis King, Val Stevens, Mark Schoesler, Linda Evans Parlette, Joseph Zarelli, Cheryl Pflug and Mike Carrell

Transportation Ranking:  Sen. Curtis King
Other members:  Sens. Joe Fain, Dan Swecker, Steve Litzow, Andy Hill, Doug Ericksen and Jerome Delvin

Ways and Means
Ranking:  Sen. Joseph Zarelli
Other members:  Sens. Jim Honeyford, Mike Hewitt, Mark Schoesler, Michael Baumgartner, Cheryl Pflug and Linda Evans Parlette

Members of Senate Republican leadership for 2011-12, announced in late November, are:

  • Leader – Sen. Mike Hewitt, Walla Walla
  • Caucus Chair – Sen. Linda Evans Partlette, Wenatchee
  • Floor Leader – Sen. Mark Schoesler, Ritzville
  • Whip – Sen.-elect Doug Ericksen, Ferndale
  • Deputy Leader – Sen. Mike Carrell, Lakewood
  • Caucus Vice Chair – Sen. Dan Swecker, Rochester
  • Deputy Floor Leader – Sen. Jim Honeyford, Sunnyside
  • Deputy Whip – Sen. Jerome Delvin, Richland