Grant Brantstetter serves as page for Sen. Baumgartner

Grant Brantstetter, a 9th grader from Northwest Christian School, recently spent a week at the Capitol working as a page for the Washington State Senate. Grant was one of 36 students who served as Senate pages for the 15th week of the 2017 legislative session.

He was sponsored by 6th Legislative District Sen. Michael Baumgartner.

“It was great that Grant could come to Olympia to help with some of the work we do here,” said Baumgartner. “I enjoyed getting to know him better and hope he takes what he learned here into his future career plans.”

The Senate Page Program is an opportunity for Washington students to spend a week working in the Legislature. Students are responsible for transporting documents between offices, as well as delivering messages and mail. Pages spend time in the Senate chamber and attend page school to learn about parliamentary procedure and the legislative process. Students also draft their own bills and engage in a mock session.

“I’ve always had an interest in government,” said Grant. “Paging was perfect for that.”

Grant enjoys running, violin, and orchestra.

Grant, 15, is the son of John and Vanessa Branstetter of Spokane.

Students interested in the Senate Page Program are encouraged to visit: