• WSU Medical School

    It’s a relief to not only see the state doing something about a shortage of doctors in our area, but to see that money invested in WSU Spokane’s medical program. Spokane’s existing medical services “cluster” make the new medical school an economic accelerator for our region with a potential impact of billions in new jobs and medical innovation. WSU Spokane welcomed its first class of second-year medical students this past August and I’m very pleased to help build this game-changing institution for our community.

  • Transportation

    The MCC’s Senate Transportation Feedback Forum in Spokane Valley in October allowed the public to deliver their message to lawmakers loud and clear – most won’t support any new gas taxes unless the state implements reforms to the transportation system. Additionally, citizens know that the state Department of Transportation is in dire need of additional oversight, and aren’t willing to shell out more money until they know the state is already stretching what it has as far as it can.

  • Small Business

    Small businesses are the engine that makes Washington’s economy go, and too often government agencies implement new and burdensome regulations that throw sand in the gears. We must make our state more competitive and improve the business climate; that is the only way to grow our economy and create the jobs our communities so desperately need. Making Washington an easier place for small businesses to operate isn’t just common sense, it’s smarter government.

  • Higher Education

    The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus crafted the state’s 2013-15 operating budget, which boosted funding for Washington’s public colleges and universities. The additional money allowed a 27-year streak of regular tuition increases to end. Additionally, for the first time in years, Washington residents participating in the GET program didn’t see a unit price increase, making it more attractive for new participants to sign upand helping to fully stabilize the GET program by 2018.

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